Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bird Nest Stadium

I have been reading about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and his design for the Beijing National Stadium which will be used for the 2008 Olympics. It was conceived as a large vessel; like a bird's nest with interwoven twigs. I love how the facade and structure are the same thing with the structural elements mutually supporting each other. Also interesting to see how the open, unenclosed structure provides for natural ventilation - nature's solution to sustainable design.

The Beijing Olympics, of course, are full of controversy with widespread reports of forced evictions and demolition of houses to allow for the rapid redevelopment of Beijing make way for construction projects for the games.

Recently Ai Weiwei has stated that he will boycott the Olympic Games and will not allow himself to be associated with either the government or the games. In the article below Ai Weiwei states, "I very openly criticise the tendency to use culture for the purpose of propaganda, to dismiss the true function of art and the intellect."

Olympic artist attacks China's pomp and propaganda

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