Thursday, November 22, 2007

Journey of Kumjing

I love this project! It's called The Journey of Kumjing and is coordinated by Chantawipa and Chumporn Apisuk in collaboration with Empower Foundation. It comments on the experience of women migrant workers in Thailand. The project began back in 2003 with the production of paper mache 'dolls' by migrant workers in Mae Sai, Thailand. Each 'doll' has an identity and a pink passport which allows them, unlike most migrant workers to be able to travel freely and safely.  The dolls have travelled to variety of cities in Thailand and countries abroad, attending conferences and some have even been 'adopted' by foreigners. 

I recently met Chumporn Apisuk at Asiatopia in Chiang Mai. I love this project in that it reaches broadly into the community with artists working working migrant women to construct the dolls. And a large part of this project seems to be educating the Thai and foreign communities about the conditions that Burmese migrant women face in Thailand. I also think it's a great project for its longevity.

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