Saturday, September 22, 2007

Art and Chiang Mai

I spend most of my year in Chiang Mai and feel fortunate to be able to take advantage of the thriving art scene in this little part of the world.

This weekend I decided to stay in town and used the opportunity to visit a few of my favourite art galleries. I checked out the lastest offerings at Chiang Mai University Art Museum and then headed up Nimmenhamen Road to a great little art gallery called Ji-Qoo which is run by Thai artist Chatchawan Nilsakul and his lovely Japanese wife Satoru.

The image below is of some of Chatchawan's work - bands of oil paints with raw convas underneath onto which watercolour bleeds - delicious stuff! If you are ever in Chiang Mai, it's worth checking out Ji-Qoo - some awesome work (mainly staff and students from CMU); its in a beautiful building and a happening part of town.

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